By The NSA Team

Marketing professionals and consumers live in an ever-changing world. In the last few years alone, the number of available media mix platforms has skyrocketed. Traditional avenues like broadcast, print and OOH have been joined by addressable channels, with continued emphasis on programmatic, video, OTT, & audio along with a dozen others. While it may be hard to keep track of every available place to draw eyes to your product, some emerging media trends will come to the forefront in the year 2020.

Social Media Thriving

Social media will continue to play a growth role with multi-media campaigns.  According to Pew Research & Marketing Charts, more than 90 percent of millennials regularly use at least one of these platforms, and according to eMarketer, over 50% of Gen Z young adults most often learn about products that they are interested in buying via social media.  There’s an expected emphasis in popularity on personalized video content on video-driven platforms such as TikTok. In addition, social shopping is planning to gain momentum, specifically with influencer marketing. The key is to be creative with the story telling, therefore the consumer feels the connection with the influencer not the sales pitch.  The focus will need to be on the frictionless media buying experience within the social platform. Consumers don’t want the inconvenience of leaving the social media platform to buy the product.  

Artificial Intelligence & Technology

Will 2020 be the year that Artificial Intelligence (AI) breaks through? Many experts believe it will be one of the year’s biggest media trends. While you probably won’t have a robot associate (yet), the emergence of more and more sophisticated smartphone operating systems and voice-activated search engines has paved the way for AI. Hardware and software companies are always looking ahead to more intuitive and responsive interfaces.  Technology enhancements and data analytics will continue to enrich the consumer journey with persona-based approaches.   

“Omni-Programmatic” Buying for Ambient Intelligence

 One of the more complex and intriguing emerging media trends is the concept of “ambient intelligence.” This concept is based on the notion that between wearables, mobile devices, and omnipresent advertising, we are no longer aware that we are receiving marketing messages. Good bad or indifferent, this necessitates a new approach for media buyers that goes beyond platform-specific messaging optimized for the space each model allows. Now, marketers must adopt an “omni-programmatic” philosophy where strong branding identifiers work in every conceivable environment.

“The year 2020” has a very futuristic ring to it.  It’s a new decade with new aspirations and promise.  Many of the best marketing ideas seem far-fetched and out of time now, but it’s amazing how quickly the unimaginable can become standard practice.  As consumer expectations continue to increase, it’s our job as marketers to stay ahead of those expectations. If you would like to discuss marketing trends and how NSA can help you with multi-media campaigns, please reach out to  Looking forward to 2020 & beyond!