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Newspaper Digital Audience Grew Twice as Fast as the Internet in the Past 12 Months

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Despite print newspaper circulation decreasing nationwide, the idea of people going to newspaper sources for national and local news is alive and well. A recent report released by the Newspaper Association of America shows that more and more people are engaging with newspaper content on the web than ever before. This study found that the digital audience that engaged with newspaper content reached a peak of 179.3 million unique adult visitors measured by comScore in August 2015. This was a 10% increase in unique visitors when compared to visitors to Newspaper sites in August of 2014.

In addition, this growth of visitors to digital newspaper sites (10%) is trending higher to the overall growth rate for the Internet overall (5%).

Some other interesting facts that came out of this study…

  • More than nine in 10 men (93%) and women (92%) ages 25-44 who were online in August 2015 engaged with newspaper digital content.
  • The newspaper digital audience grew more than twice as fast as the overall internet audience for age groups 18-24, 25-34 and 35-44.
  • Half of the newspaper digital audience is composed of those who use only mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for their newspaper digital content.
  • Eight in 10 of the newspaper mobile audience use smartphones exclusively for access.

As online newspaper engagement grows through digital media, NSA Media can help you reach this increasing audience with analytical driven digital media plans tailored to reach your most important consumers.

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